Slow Image Request Time

Hey all… when I was checking the request times of my site, I noticed that one image in particular is slowing it down.

The image is only a 1.8kb png file which downloads in almost no time at all but for some reason it gets hung up on sending even after everything else in the page has loaded. Is there anything that would cause a delay in the requesting phase of one file?

If I am able to fix this, I could cut down my total load speed by a second so any help is much appreciated… also I hope I made this thread in the right section, please move if there is a more suitable section.

save and upload the image yourself and than out in website

yea I have re saved the image a few times but problem still remainds

What does the image do? Spacer, a background? What is the dimensions?

its just a small 54 x 81 sprite for nav elements.

Lets see the CSS