Google web master tool: change frequency of visit of Google bot

In Google web master tool, I can change the frequency of visit of Google bot to my website. Can it effect anyways because my web page is new one .Google bot caching my website after one month. This is too much long time. I change many pages of my website still Google cache showing old pages of my website .URLs are not change. I uploaded new site map also .Please guide me .Thanks a lot.

Google is taking a lot of time indexing pages now. Before it will only take for my site new added page to be index in 1 day, now i will take 7days.

Speed of indexing is related to how important Google thinks your site is. If you have a low quality or low number of in-bound links (back links - PageRank) then you can expect to have Google put indexing your site down the priority queue.

The only way to speed up indexing is by gaining quality back links so that Google’s view of your site’s importance is increased.

Modifying the crawl frequency in Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t “make” Google crawl your site more often - it’s a mechanism to allow webmasters to mitigate against heavy bot traffic on a server.

What about the type of site you have?

Blog posts can be indexed by Google within minutes, while static pages can take days.

constant exposing your site online… meaning link building can help bots to index your site more often…

Thanks for your valuable advice .