How To Make The Webmaster Tools Of Google Updat Sooner

Hey, everybody,
I used to the Webmaster Tools of google for checking the backline building, but the report was updated very slowly, it was updated last time on dec-21-2009, do you like this?
How long the backlink report of webmaster tools will be updated for your website and how to make it update quickly? is it need top ranking?
Sorry for my poor english!!!
Thanks in advance.

The Google Webmaster Tools is updated on a frequency based on the crawl rate of your website. If Google is crawling your website more often then your backlink count in GWT will also be updated more often.

your mean the high pr back link will be help?

No, PR has nothing to do with this. You’ll need to publish fresh content on a more regular basis which will attract the Google spider to your web site more often.

The link reports which are shown there in Webmaster Tools are limited, I don’t think it will completely help you to track backlinks.

As far as links are concerned, I feel Google does not show all of our backlinks.

That is the general feeling I have to - I definately know that I have more backlinks - but maybe Google haven’t discovered all yet !? :slight_smile:

use backlinkwatch…

Not true, GWT shows all your links whereas using the link: operator on google doesn’t.

Post new content on regularly basis so that google can index your blog on regularly basis.
In this way your webmaster tools account will also get update soon.

Its just as simple the only things Google loves is content, if there are any content updates in your site then definitely Google crawler will visit the website and there are chances that it might visit frequently depending on your promotions too.

it is beyond the title what you said

can i publish one content to many article sites