Google SERP results dropped 50+ of my TOP 10 domains OFF A CLIFF - 4/14 5am-ish .HELP

I have hundreds of domains with a few dozen the most active and generally on the top 10 in searches. "fell off a cliff

“strange thing happened while i was crying about it yesterday 4/17/12 at 3:00pm-6:00pm I WAS BACK UP” only to drop off the cliff again within an hour or so.

IS this a hiccup-or google-dance … or is it targeted at something i did? I am Self Taught… but been at it for a few years… I just need help identifying my problem.

they are mature domains with many of them being almost 10 years old (few designed 10 years ago)
here are a random few… (more examples available) - keyword = team banners - keyword = banners riverside or … all star banners - keyword = same day banners - keyword = little league banners - keyword = baseball team banners - keyword = digital banners

The list goes on and on. …The Phone has stopped ringing…

Pleas advise ASAP

It is highly possible that it was affected by Google’s change in its algorithm. From what I know, they do this every week. Making changes every time.

Last month many of the websites were suffering from the same issue, it is only because of changes in the google algorithms. Now it totally focus of quality. Read the recent updates and do the changes accordingly.

Google Panda!! Add some fresh content to the website and it will definitely rise again. My personal experience. It is always a good practice to add a blog section and write atleast one article every month.

Maybe no need to worry. Here is an article about what might have happened:

im sure it was bc of google change… however ive had sites drop before but after a few weeks come back

I have been seeing some crazy leaps, both up and down, since the end of march. I can only assume that they are rolling out a few updates to shake things up.