Google punishing non-mobile friendly sites. Where to test?

Wondering with the upcoming change to google’s algorithm, if there is a list of standards, or perhaps somewhere to test how mobile friendly your site is (in the eyes of google).

Thank you in advance!

I searched Google for " is my site responsive" and came up with some sites that allow you to check out your site on different screen sizes.

There is also a link within Google webmaster tools that tells you what needs sorting to keep them happy.

Aside from that, just proper testing and ensure that your users have a great UX no matter what screen size they are viewing your website on.


While rebuilding my site I have just been resizing the browser to do a rough check to see what is happening.

That’s basically all you need. People overhype responsive design. It’s literally fluid design with media queries thrown in when needed.

You obviously still have to check iPHone etc to ensure all behavior is as expected but as far as the display / foundation of the code, yeah that’s literally just fluid design with media queries thrown in.

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There’s also the W3C mobile validator:

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