Mobile device friendly?

I’m currently working on a website via Wix (CMS), it says that the website is mobile friendly, but when I look at the website on my mobile phone, I do have to do sideways scrolling? Is that still classified as mobile friendly??


Have you tried testing your website in ? That should show you how Google thinks your site looks in a mobile.


Try this:

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Pipped at the post by @Gandalf

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Thanks very much John and Gandalf. How/where do you lot keep all these many, many website addresses easily and quickly available to you?

I use Google Search for the keywords, usually works a treat.

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I bookmark pages/sites I use regularly.

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Thanks TN, I’ll have to start doing that as well now.

As a matter of interest, when saving into bookmarks/favourites, which browser do you find best to work on website developing?

I use Firefox, because it’s the only browser which provides an easy facility to zoom text only, a feature I find invaluable both for accessibility and for checking my designs at different font sizes.

Thanks TN, I’ll be saving them into my FF then.

Most people will have a preferred browser that they mostly use, but it is a good idea to have a variety of the most popular browsers to test your sites in, as there can be variations in how they display things.
What works in one browser may fail in another.

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Indeed. My comment about Firefox was only intended to convey that it’s my primary browser, not that it’s the only one I ever use.

My question was intended to be about which browser you would use for website tools.

they all provide very similar tools built in - just the way you access the tools differs between browsers. It used to be that you needed to install extensions in Firefox to get the same tools as all the others provide built in but I think they have caught up with that now and are only lagging behind the other browsers in having a less efficient JavaScript engine.

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