Google Page Speed Says Facebook JS All Over My Page (What/Where?)

I did a Page Speed test with the Google tool and it said these were pretty big offenders on my home page: (424.9KiB) (52.4KiB) (49.3KiB) (26KiB) (12KiB)

Ummm, what? Where did these come from? I’ve looked through my page source and these do not exist, so how does Google claim to see these when judging our Home Page’s page speed?

All feedback appreciated.


Do you have any iframes on your page, or things like FaceBook “Like” buttons? These things pull in iframes full of large volumes of JavaScript and other junk.

As Ralph said, those fbcdn URLs are facebooks and if you have any facebook specific code you’ve ogtten from them, it’s almost certain that’s the culprit.

If you give us the link to the page we can tell you for certain :).

I can’t see anything in source code, but might have to digg through iframe info :

You have a Facebook Like button, and probably other thngs too. The Like button code pulls in an iframe and a whole bunch of other stuff. That’s what you get with buttons like this. You either just don’t have them, or accept all the messy stuff they pull in.

I have a facebook like button on the home page? Google was claiming that the javascript was found on my home page.

There’s a Like button in your footer.

Oh crap! I forgot about that. It hides permanently after hiding it once and I forgot it existed. Dang it. That single footer button costs 500Kb of bandwidth. what the heck. No wonder all my pages have 17 second page loads. I might have to do something about that.

You have other iframes being pulled onto the page, like on the top ad block. They also are packed with many js and css files. I avoid all that kind of stuff, but I guess if you need it, there’s no way around it. :frowning:

Considering we spend up to $30K/mo for hosting and other operating expenses, we definitely need the advertisements. :wink:

Ouch! Do you find the advertising brings a decent income? I don’t have much idea how useful it really is, but it sounds like it’s helping you pay the bills to some degree.

Yeah. We do about 1M page views per day. The tricky part is that we don’t run pre-rolls, but I got a great Ad Chain setup (having a perfectly configured ad chain is more important than having one good tier 1 network) and it has been performing nicely. I think we have 6 networks on it, with bottom remnant filling a big chunk at guaranteed $.25 eCPM and the rest becoming revenue share.

Wow, sounds complicated! Interesting, though. :slight_smile:

[FONT=Verdana]It’s easy to forget just how much drag these widgets can add to a page. Frequently I find pages hanging before they’ve finished loading because they’re waiting for something or other (often a script but sometimes an image) from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter or any one of a hundred other social networking, tracking or advertising services. It doesn’t reflect well on a site when I want to use it and am being hindered by these extraneous and – to most visitors – completely worthless widgets.

At one point it got so bad that I blocked all requests to Google Analytics … nothing to do with privacy concerns, I was just so fed up with the latency that it introduced.[/FONT]

Yeah, so true. I have my share buttons load from the bottom of my html on content pages, so everything else can load first. When it comes to Google Analytics, the new codes for that are asynchronous, so should never stall anymore.

Can you check your home page speed at I have checked your home page. I can not see any error. Your page speed is 58.