Pagespeed insight shows url that i dont find


I have tested my blog on pagespeed insight and it shows me url that I don’t find in my blog template and html.

they are render-blocking JavaScript

i have into this two days still no luck, so i am here

Can anybody help?

Can you give us more information? Without seeing your template code or a url to look at or a screenshot of the pagespeed, it’s hard to say.

Check the header and footer files or areas of your template for links - often externally loaded resources can be load blockers if not from a good CDN. A lot of templates come with lots of javascript files that need loaded, as well as sometimes externally hosted resources.

I have just found a similar problem. Google PageSpeed Insights advises to “Minify JavaScript”. When I expand the list to see the js on a page it shows one as “” or variations of that on other pages. Not a script I have put on my site, nor one I can find on it.
When I Google “” there are loads of pages saying its a virus that messes with your browser and searches with popups, redirects etc…
I have not experienced any ill effects from this on any computers I use to access the site, like those described in the pages I found about the script. I guess it has infected my host server or site, not my PCs. I am only aware of it due to Google PageSpeed Insights mentioning it.

It’s a CDN that Facebook, among others, uses to serve assets

The real question is simply what is the script for? Can you post it for us?

I don’t know what its for, I don’t know why its being found on the site, that’s the reason I’m concerned about it.
When I Googled “” the first result was on Facebook Help, the answer there also says it’s a legitimate CDN, but then there are comments saying its a virus.
The other search results also say its a virus.
It may well be that it is a legitimate CDN and there is some malware out there that masquerades as it.
I was just confused to find reference to a script that I had not included in my code, then concerned to read that it may be a virus.
If you look on the site, there is in the Social section at the top of the sidebar some FB Like and Share widgets that use some js, but don’t mention that particular script. It may be that they access it indirectly and it is nothing to worry about at all. As stated, I have noticed no ill effects from the site. I was just confused and concerned for the reasons mentioned.

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