Google Maps for drivers, routes and pickups/dropoffs and searching routes

I am planning to go ahead with google maps based application - for the drivers and passengers. They can set their driving routes, passengers can show up interests to book their routes, and make a ride. Few things are too complex to solve for now. I would like to begin this thread on various aspects.

  • Nature of possible passenger (in terms of driver’s safety)
  • How to setup the driving routes, (latitude/longitude of important (bus)stops or place names in the database
  • How should a passenger find out a near-by route of the driver where the passenger is.
  • How to make this application probably run without the maps?

Google maps have various usage limitations. Can I proceed to make the applications with the limits? Will 25000 maps loads per day be enough?
However, primary thing is about finding the nearest route (probably a line in the google maps), but the passenger may wish to ride from anywhere.

What could be good idea to solve this route finding strategy?


i would do a city at a time probably and use the mass upload on google maps. you will have to list the addresses of all the current bus stops and lavbel thelistings as the particular route