Google Maps Routeboxer

I’m trying to build a map feature using Google Maps for a client in which a user can specify two places they are travelling between and a radius from that route (say 5km). The idea is to then return the easiest route, along with map markers on all the fuel locations in the specified radius.

So far, I have used the directions API to create a feature which allows the user to type in two places and the map shows the easiest route. In addition to this, I have loaded all of the map markers (there are many) onto the map from a mySQL database.

It is the next step which I am finding very difficult and have done a lot of research with little success. I have found Google Maps Routeboxer but this seems out of date and unsupported. Is there an alternative? I simply want to specify a radius around the route given by the maps and return the fuel stations in this area.

Thanks for your help.

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