Map with cycling/walking routes which can be uploaded by users

Hi, I have got this idea for creating a website where people could share bicycle routes. Now the way I imagine it is as there is a map, which can be zoomed in, zoomed out, etc. and it displays all cycling routes which are uploaded to that map. These tracks can be filtered by using some sort of filter near the map (length of cycle track, difficulty, etc). Website looks something like what I have in my head but it’s quite hard to use it and the navigation is terrible. Additionally, people, not only the one who uploaded the map, should be able to upload images near particular point of the track.
I’m relatively new to web development but willing to learn everything that’s necessary to implement this feature into the website.
What do you think is the best solution?

Ok, I’m going to answer my own question here. After browsing on the internet, it seems that Google Maps API is the best option so I guess I’m having a long road ahead me of learning it now :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this site is of any use to you, but it might be worth a look.

Oh, that’s a great website, didn’t know about it. I see America and other western world is quite well covered, however, I’m doing it only for my own country Lithuania which doesn’t have such a comprehensive website, so won’t have to compete with them, thanks god :smiley:
And yeah, I will look deeper into their website to find more about back-end, thanks anyway :wink: