Google maps define service area location?

Hi Guys,

I’ve seen sites that have a Google Map image and a section/area defined within the map as a service area, or some other geo marked section.

I’ve looked and seem to come up empty.

Can someone show me the way to define a point by point area and/or pick a point and have a, say, 5 mile radius defined?

I’ve noticed Google Maps has a My Maps feature where I can do something like this but it seems clunky and I can’t imagine that’s the best way to achieve what I’m going for.

The end result, of course, is to list this on my website for my visitors.



Take a look here:

Hey Force,

Yea, that’s the option I saw too. But it looks like there’s gotta be an easier way perhaps?

I’ll keep looking.


I’m not sure what you mean by easier. Looks pretty easy to me.

I recorded myself making one:

Here’s the link to it:

You can also use the embed code instead of just linking to it.

Thanks for making that Force, and for making it so easy to follow.

Will use that approach.