Making a custom (non-profit) place in google maps and getting the coordinate of it

I was searching the web for the past two days and I wasn’t successful in finding what I want.I want to add my own place (for example my home) to the google maps and then get the coordinates of that place in order to place it in my google maps code in my website.

the only way google is showing me to do so is to add a job for my google coordinates account and then add my custom location(and of course I should pay for it).But this is not a job,I just want my place’s coordinates to use in my google maps code!

ps:I’ve even seen people add their own location with full details of their place in the google maps and I’m pretty sure they didn’t pay a penny for it(and everyone in the world can see their place!!!)

So here’s the question:How can I do this without paying anything?

There’s a link button on google maps that you can click for a permalink or embed code for your map:

If you want to create a places map, you have to log in, go to google maps, click the “my places” button, and click “create map”.

Or, this (which is free):

If you just want to add your home (for example) to a Google map to show on your own site, all you have to do is to start a new map in My Places, and drop an icon at the relevant point. You can add whatever description you like to the icon, and your visitors will see that description when they hover over it. For more information about how to do this, see

This won’t cost you anything, but your icon will not be seen by the general public. It will only be visible to people to whom you give a link to the map.

You can embed the map in your own website. The map, including the icon, will then be visible to your site visitors, who will be able to zoom, pan and scroll the map, and do all the other things they can do in Google Maps. Again, this won’t cost you anything. For more information, see

The same map can contain multiple icons (one for your home, and one for your office, for example). You can choose from any of Google’s icons, or create your own.

There’s a lot more you can do with My Places, but the above should give you a good start.


Thank you so much mike
But if it’s ok,I have one more question to ask
I also saw places that people added in the google maps,and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can see them!I mean it is not just for me and people who are using my link!Their places are always in the google maps
Did they use google’s map maker?(And did they wait for their place to get confirmed?)
Thanks in advance