My site is listed as a reported attack site

How can I remove this from my site…I know it’s not an attack site but what would cause it to be reported as such…I’m assuming that something in my html is coded to say make the site appear as such…

Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem

You need to contact Google to get a review on the site. You can use this form -

Recommendation from Mozilla support site:
Set up a Google Webmaster Tools account to get more feedback on the problem.
Take down the site to protect your users.
Read what Google has to say about suspicious websites:
[I can’t post the link, sorry for inconvinience]
Read tips on how to clean and secure your website:

Let me know your url, pl. Anyway closely look at the <body> you may find iframe--------- or </body>you may find iframe--------- ! Remove it. Upload and submit for reconsideration from google webmastertool.

try this

First don’t do it in your browser, or at least disable JavaScript and Flash.

You can start with Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostics: (replace with your own site address). It will show whether Google found anything suspicious on your site.

Then you can analyze HTML/script code of your files on server. They should not contain anything that you didn’t put there.

Then scan your server for any suspicious/new files and directories.

Then look through web server configuration. There could be unwanted redirects and error pages.

You might also want to take a look at my online tool called Unmask Parasites . It analyzes HTTP response and HTML code of web pages and highlights suspicious code (links, scripts, iframes and redirects). Google’s Safe Browsing information is also included in Unmask Parasites results. Note, that the tool is still in beta and may not detect every security problem.


To get rid of reported attack site please use soswebscan. i have used and its very good utility to remove malicious code/link that cause a reported attack site.

soswebscan dot jobandproject dot com

format your hosting files, and upload new web files