Site hacked?

In a Google search,, The Neighborhood Developers shows links to drug companies. Hovering over the arrow in Google shows hacked content.

But after clicking on the link, the correct content is visible. Any ideas what is going on here? The only thing I can think of is that Dreamhost had an intrusion and restored the site.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?


[FONT=Verdana]Unfortunately, yes, after one of my sites was hacked - although the spurious links didn’t go to legitimate pages. Are you using Google Webmaster Tools, and if so, is it giving you a warning that your site might have been compromised?

In my case, an additional directory had been added to the site, containing a single file, and the .htaccess file had been edited. All my own files were untouched. I presume you’ve checked that there are no files on the site that shouldn’t be there and your files are clean?

check in your google webmaster tools, there is complete report about the error. If you not using Webmaster Tools, just recheck your .htaccess file

My website has been attacked before, some added malicious codes to my website, so that when you open the website, the notice of virus warning comes out. It took me a few days to solve the problem and it really affected the website a lot.

Here’s the url to check if google has detected anything:

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