Weird google result

If I type in my website’s name into Google, I see it but I only see my business name twice. So it is POS Hardware DirectPOS Hardware Direct that’s how it shows. I am using Magento CMS and the website has a PR of 3.

Why is this happening? I have a set home page setup which is /home/ from the base URL. Can anyone please help?

here is my website for anyone who needs to see the code: [noparse][/noparse]

You might find this post helpful. It’s in answer to a slightly different issue, but I think it’s still pertinent to you.

Did you change your site title recently? It will take Google a few days to update their listing.

Yeah you need to edit the site title, some software like Magento can be tricky to edit because it forces stuff. If you did edit it, depending on how often Google indexes your site it may take a few days at least for the new title to show up in the search engine results.