Why is my website not seen when checking the url in google

I have integrated google webmaster, analytics account, also have submitted url to search engines still when i type in Google it does not show my website link in searches.

Why is my website not seen when checking the url in google

Google does not guarantee to show your site in search results.

Have you checked that it’s been indexed? (Try searching for site:yourdomain in Google, to see what results are returned.)

Are there any error messages in Google Webmaster Tools?

I checked site:ptcpune.in and can see the pages but normally when i am just typing ptcpune.in its not showing.

Searching for your domain name leads Google to believe you are looking for information about that site, not looking for the site itself. So it shows results where your domain name appears in the text.

We removed three instances of your domain name from your first post, and I see you have posted it again twice in your reply. By doing so, you are leading Google to believe this topic is about your site, and should potentially be returned in search results for your domain. The more places you post about your domain, the less likely it is that the actual domain will appear in search results.

However, I would imagine that most potential customers will be searching for your products or services, rather than your domain, so I would advise you to put your efforts into optimising your site for those.

yes thats right but the client wants the same way by searching it directly as many of the other sites are seen that way.
i have worked on lots of websites but i am facing this issue only in this site.
I request you to suggest appropriate things that i can try for it to resolve as soon as possible.

Frankly, I don’t see how you can expect to rank in search results for a name which - as far as I can see - appears nowhere on your site. I would suggest you explain this to your clients.

Yes, whoever is doing the SEO by spreading the name ptcpune.in all over the web is creating their own competition and pushing the actual site out of the SERPs

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