Google Crawling and Indexing

I’m doing some research on crawling and indexing and some of the data is utterly confusing me and wondered whether anyone can shed any light.

Conventional wisdom seems to be that Google won’t index all pages on a website if the page rank of that site is too low. This tallies with my own experience where I’m struggling to get all the pages on a new site found despite having submitted a sitemap and having links to all pages standard on all site navigation.

Yet I’ve come across a website called which is a link directory with virtually no content other than links. It’s page rank is a lowly 0.08/10 yet google is indexing 201,000 pages on the site.

My question is why Google is crawling a site that has virtually no page rank that deeply, when it won’t look at all of the modest number of pages on my PR1+ new website. Is the conventional wisdom wrong here or am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance for insight or information.

as i can see.the site you mentioned with a lot of indexed pages has done a very wonderful seo work.You should add more original and quality content into your site to gain the google’s likes.and if you really do get some quality backlinks for your site naturally.I think you will get more indexed pages too. Page rank is only one of the important elements to improve the indexing speed.If you keep active to post quality comments in forums and other blogs,Google will crawl and index your site frequently.

That site might have good PR previously that might have dropped due to panda updation, just try deep link submission and keep on adding new stuff, search engine takes time in updating

Thanks for the response webseo20. I’d not thought of the historical side which may explain this. Do you know if pages would get dropped from the index if page rank is decreasing, or once a page is indexed, will it stay indexed forever?

Google crawling and indexing means that Google boat check all the website’s pages. It check all new and update things. Google boat discovers all the site’s web pages. If google boat index your website then your website rank is increase in google.