Some Pages of My sites not Crawl.Why?

I have site i have a lot of page but some pages of my site not crawling from couple of months

So Will You please Give Some Suggestion that how i can crawl it in google


No, what it means is that the higher your PageRank score, the deeper the bot will will crawl your site and it will visit it more frequently. This has been stated by several Google engineers and spokespeople.

If you have a lot of pages on your site (say thousands or millions), the only way to ensure that you get the highest number of them crawled and indexed is by having a high PageRank.

If you have thousands or millions of pages on your site, and only a low PR, then you shouldn’t expect that Google will crawl past the first few layers - even if you have a sitemap (XML).

The easiest was to explain this is in terms of popularity (which PageRank is effectively a measure of). Think of your website as a restaurant. You open your restaurant on the first day and nobody comes because nobody knows you’re there and nobody knows how good your food (content) is, even though you may be a master chef (subject matter expert). So you seed-start your marketing by placing ads or other marketing and people (visitors) start to come. They tell friends (give back-links) and more start to come. Eventually a critic or reviewer (search engine spider) comes along and samples your main course (core content) and gives it a score (PageRank). Eventually you become so popular that you have hoards of people coming (traffic) and reviews being written (more back-links) and more critics come and taste more of your menu or wine-list and rate accordingly (PageRank). The critics will only taste all of your menu if it’s worth their time in doing so, based on the popularity of the venue.

I hope that makes sense.

Submit your sitemap.xml to search engines, do proper internal linking and do social bookmarking that help you.

No No, no need to submit it to your site to google or yahoo. you have to build links to similar content websites and comments to similar blogs which would be better i hope. and post your link to different social websites like facebook, twitter, digg etc

Submit you sitemap to google, and get some deep links to inner pages of your site. PR has a direct effect on how google crawls your page.

I would like to recommend you to do do follow bookmarking and blog posting for not indexed page. IMO bookmarking is the best option to get index faster

You may have your site poorly structured or with too many directories. You need to keep your site url structure as flat as possible.


Does this mean that in order to have a high page rank, you must have a lot of pages on the site???

Google has indexed 14 pages of your site. For more you ll have to wait or submit them as links in forums for quicker results…

search “”

you can submit your sitemap to the google

Yeah. There are certain factors you need to check if other web pages i mean the inner web pages are not crawling, the Google mostly give more priority to the home page i.e your index page while submitting and more over it is a slow process, crawling and takes time. make sure that you did not add any spam content in your inner URLs or does not contain any duplicate content in it i.e meta tags or text, urls

Crawl depth and frequency is a direct result of Page Rank.

Since Page Rank is a direct result having a high quantity/quality backlink profile, then you must work on getting relevant quality back links (there is no quick easy way to do this - despite what anyone tells you).

initially, i would like to suggest for you to build sitemap first. then copy your url, which is not indexed or not crawled by search engine and put your links to different some forums when you have get the matured on that forum… when your link or url is visited from different location of world, it’s automatically indexed on search engines. Don’t worry, it’s easy… best of luck you will do better now

Update content too of your web pages,search engines likes web pages with updated contents and try to do some social bookmarking too for those pages.

Do Social Bookmarking in Digg and Stumbleupon site and also ping your website URL in some popular ping site I hope its helpful to your website.