Google Apps Script Help


I’ve been trying to follow the Google Apps tutorial to create a Tweet Approver.

I’m afraid that I haven’t got very far.

Setting Up the Script, Publishing as a Service

To get started, copy this spreadsheet containing the script for this tutorial. Once you've got your own copy of the spreadsheet, open it and you will notice the spreadsheet will be empty; that is intentional, as we won't be using any of the spreadsheet's cells in this tutorial.

The first thing you need to do is publish your script as a service. To do this, open the script editor by clicking Tools > Script Editor... In the new window, click Publish > Publish as Service... 

Firstly when I do that and launch the script editor I’m confronted with a wizard. If I close that, I have a blank script page, that I can either publish to gallery, or deploy as a web app. Nowhere is there the option to publish as a service.