TweenLite - How to actually get started because I'm getting errors in Dreamweaver

Hello all. I’ve been looking to create scrolling text like this website, and I’ve found that they’re using GreenSock Animation Platform.

I’ve followed the basic setup instructions (added the script via functions.php), verified that the script is in fact loading, I got no console errors (aside the video which we know about, but for some reason, Dreamweaver is not interested in running some basic GSAP animations.

The oddity is that GSAP works fine when I drop it into codepen, so I’m sure there’s something funky going on here…but I can’t see what?!

PEN: (that works):

WEBSITE: (doesn’t work)

I’m loading jquery before tweenMax, and both of those before the custom.js file where I’m calling the very small line of code on line 283, which does - nothing - on the website, but works in Pen.

Any idea why this isn’t working? The theme comes prepacked with a bunch of scripts, including LITE, but even if I try to run a light version without MAX installed…nada.

Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Your pen doesn’t work for me. It’s complaining about reference errors to undefined variables.

On your website you’ve commented out line 283, so of course that’s not going to do anything.

Ah yes, the perils of trying to troubleshoot my own errors while trying to get someone else to TS with me! I’ve un-commented line 283. The Pen doesn’t do much but show that this works outside of my WP solution, but I’ll try to get that example back up shortly. Thanks Hutley!

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