JavaScript Help with The Core Reporting API

Buongiorno from 7 degrees C wetherby UK :slight_smile:

Ive began to delve into the world of the Google Analytics API all described here -

But Ive soon learnt you need to get a grasp of JavaScript & the Google Apps Script API in other words this stuff:

My quest to rid myself of the dredge of producing manual SEO reports remains a distant vision but one I’m keeping hold of. So my question is please:

“Can anyone point me in the direction of a good Google Apps Script API tutorial so i can at least begin to demstify the gobble de gook!”

Grazie tanto,

Hi there,

I had initially held off answering this one, as I don’t know anything about the Google Apps Script API, but I just looked at the link you posted and thought “How hard can it be?”
Famous last words?

Anyway, googling “” gives you this as a first result.
Is this what you are looking for, or have I missed the mark completely.

The rest of the results from the above query seem quite promising too, for example this one: Automate Google Analytics Reporting using Google Apps Script

That help any?

Thanks Pullo for replying, yes looks like I’ll have to roll up my sleeves & get on with the tutorials, I feel many coffes will be drank today :wink: