Google Adwords Homepage - They're doing something right, but how?

I love the Google Adwords homepage. Google attacks simplicity

I’d like to make a page the resembles this layout, especially the lower half with the links, larger-texted titles, and images on the right. I wouldn’t know where to begin, how can you code this?

Have you tried looking at the source code for that page? :slight_smile: If you’re using Firefox, then install the Web Developer Toolbar and it will give you handy options for viewing the CSS and other page information, too.

I have not tried that…but getting into looking at CSS and which elements I’d need is beyond my scope. I was hoping it’d be easier than that

EDIT: In fact, using IE View->Source, it looks like the CSS is built into the page. But it uses Divs, etc., and code that is all over the place. Not to mention, copying code from Google wouldn’t put you first on their SEO page…

Any ideas on where I could find something like this pre built online?

This is the closest I could find, but is’t quite right: