Adwords Conversion Tracking Code messing with layout

I have added Adwords conversion tracking code to a website for a client and it has added an iframe that is messing with the layout of my site.

I added it to the very end before the </body> tag but it is adding an additional 23px after my footer.

Is there a way to avoid having this iframe added to the code? Or can I adjust the size of the iframe in css to 0 or 1px?

Why is the iframe even there?

Any information would be appreciated.

Hi w1nk5,

I’ve never seen a Google Adwords tracking code that references an iFrame. The <noscript> portion just references an image that is 1x1.

If you post a link up to the page, I am sure we can all help you out here.

It’s hard to know without looking at your code. Can you post a link to the page?