Adsense code styling for perfect CTR - How was this done?

I just stumbled across this website and I’m simply amaze how well they managed to style their ads. Just look at the Google adsense code in this post

How did they manage to style it? They styled everything, from border, url and link titles. Heck, they’re so great I wanted to click an ad myself just because they looked so go.

I know they must have done something in CSS, but i’m not sure what. Are you even allowed to do something like this? They even changed the placement of the “Ads by Google” subtitle from below the ad to above it.

Anyone got any ideas how something like this can be replicated?

Premium Publishers have much more Options then normal Publishers.
And before you ask, more then 20 Mio. PIs per month with one Website.
However this is just rumors going around forums, only Google knows the real criteria for becoming Premium Publisher

I see, i didn’t knew premium publishers had these kinds of privileges. Well, on my way to 20 mil impressions then