Google Adsense Monopoly: Why nobody daress to open their Mouth?

We have Microsoft Monopoly that is under attack, why Adsense who has huge impact on Businesses is not under attack ?

And why do people seem to be shy about this ? Is it because they fear Google ?

Then it’s time to say no to Google ! Their “Do no evil” is laughable they are as evil as all these big giants who want to rule us all !

And you base this accusation on … what exactly??

Hmmmm, let’s see. They treat their employees really well, they believe that the key to a successful business is to have a quality product/service so people come back, they have environmental concerns, they are ethical, they’ve threatened to pull the plug on china over human rights issues…

Yeah I see what you mean, what a bunch of scumbags.

They make Shell, McDonalds, Nestle, Union Carbide and their ilk look like angels…

JJMcClure: And of course there is the fact they were among the first to be pro net neutrality (preventing ISP’s monopolising web traffic), their a big contributor to the evolution and quality of the web, they provide a lot of good funding to start-ups, they support lots of events which help tech related charitable donations, they chose to go with adverts in opposition to pay per view (keeping to the origins of the free web), their adverts are by far the least intrusive you’ll find on any website… etc :slight_smile:

reboltutorial, we don’t need more of these kinds of threads (seriously stop the Google bashing already).

In respect to Adsense… Google said it best, “We’re not stopping anyone else produce something better”.

Google having a monopoly is in and of itself not illegal. To run afoul of anti-trust regulations, as Microsoft did, Google would also have to be leveraging that monopoly in such a way to stifle competition in a way that harms the consumer. For instance, if Google used it search monopoly to stifle AdSense competitors by favoring web pages that had AdSense ads on them in the search results that could be deemed to be an illegal leveraging of their monopoly.

Google pretty much invented the contextual advertising market for publishers. Others have tried to replicate what Google has done (e.g. Yahoo’s Publisher Network) but have failed miserably, not because Google did something to prevent them from competing but because they provided an inferior product. There are some minor players in the contextual advertising market, but they don’t do as good of a job as Google AdSense.

The only thing regulators could really do is step in and force Google to change their terms of service for publishers, such that publishers would be allowed to run competing contextual ads on the same pages that AdSense is placed on. The thing is, however, publishers are free to use which ever contextual advertising service they want, they just can’t run other contextual ads and AdSense ads on the same page at the same time. Nothing prevents a publisher from switching back and forth between AdSense and other contextual ads on a page by page or even page view by page view basis.

There was a news on cnet related to this topic:

What a bunch of Scumbag from Google:

Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker, and Dana Wagner, the U.S. competition counsel, got on the phone to explain why.

Kent Walker, VP and General Counsel
(Credit: Google)
“The nature of the Internet is just a fundamentally different world from the sale of packaged software”

So what ? If we went back in Software when Microsoft did spread software she could have said:

“The nature of the software is just a fundamentally different world from the sale of oil”

Monopoly has nothing to do with the nature of this or that product or service, it has to do with market share.

When CNET talks about “formidable lead in search advertising” it just means that: a tremendous dominant position of Google in advertising market share, that is by economics definition a Monopoly.

Like in stock market, all this mumbo jumbo is about hiding economics cheating.

It’s already been explained to you, quite thoroughly, why Google appear to have a monopoly and why they aren’t breaking any laws or behaving unethically.

I’m not going to call you a Google basher, I think it’s an easy put down to use and I prefer to think of you as just having a different opinion. However, your last post had no substance and all the feel of a mindless rant. Maybe you can offer some evidence that supports your views that the stock market is all “mumbo jumbo” and of Google abusing their position in the market?

I wait with baited breath…

The bigger an organisation gets the more citicism they will ultimately receive, that’s just the nature of how things are.

Which is ironic considering just how many huge and seriously unethical scumbag companies just seem to slip under most people’s radar. Don’t even get me started on McDonalds. Google get my vote in a heartbeat. Larry Page for President!

Google themselves changed their terms of service to allow competing contextual ads. It is the other contextual ad networks such as YPN that do not allow it. While Google is the only contextual ad network that allows competing contextual ads on the same page no one is able to do so because of the TOS of the other contextual ad companies.

So people can be Microsoft Basher and not Google Basher ? It reminds me of people forbidding me AGRESSIVELY to critize the “new economics” before the 2000 stock market crash. It’s funny how history repeats: people are completely blind.

You just follow what the medias tell you to think, you’re not capable of seeing by yourself until it’s too late of course. So when the Big Medias will ring “Google is a Monopoly” then everybody will start singing the same I bet. Of course it will only happen when the Big Investors will cash out enough from Google like they did from Microsoft before switching to Google.

No, people can’t be either of those.
Bashing is a useless activity in which one or more persons hold an unfundamented grudge against something.
This grudge is so strong that these people are only capable of seeing the downsides of something, and not the upsides, all the wile not arguing as to why the downsides are so bad in their opinion (a lot of “they are bad because they are” kind of “arguments”).

In short: bashing is a waste of time, doesn’t help anyone.
Well, maybe the basher may feel slightly better afterwards, but that’s it …

And those whom bash often do so on forums or public places where their opinion doesn’t make a difference anyway. It’s un-constructive pointless rambling. :slight_smile:

You know nothing about me or what I think about anything except a few lines on the subject of Google. You failed to provide any credible evidence to support your position and instead started to attack me as being ‘blind’ when frankly, you’re the one that seems to have made your mind up already.

You’re actually starting to come across as a bit of a troll, I’m done with you and this thread.

Me too.

There are other options, no?

Cool it in here, would you?

It’s certainly valid to ask about Google’s behaviour, and it’d be nice to have a good discussion about this, but it’s not especially nice to throw around comments like this.

The DOJ already has their eye on them, ready to pounce as soon as the company abuses its power in some way. Merely having a monopoly is not illegal.

I don’t like AdSense because Google allows scraper sites and other spam to be in the network if the owner generates enough revenue for them. It promotes junk like Mahalo which fills search results with pages that contain nothing but ads and scraped links. I don’t hate AdSense just for being successful.

LOL RebolTutorial has been on my ignore list for weeks now.

Good to see he’s still up to the same stuff. I recommend that you do the same.