Whats the Easiest way to learn JavaScript?

Whats the Easiest way to learn JavaScript?

On line courses reading books-articles and answering-solving solutions like yours.

The easiest way is to take it slow, just letting information that you happen to come across wash over you.
Of course, there are more effective ways of learning it but they aren’t as easy :slight_smile:

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There are no easy ways to learn any programming language. To learn JavaScript properly, you need to actually practice it (a lot) and that is work. Whether you do online courses or tutorials, work through JavaScript books, get someone to teach you or pick apart other developers’ JS code until you understand exactly what it is doing and why - it all depends on how you learn best. And that is not something we can tell you.

I’m currently learning and all I can tell you is that try and error will be the routine that sets you apart from the curve. You get out what you put in. Code something you like, for example, if you like games, then code a very small game. Find a tutorial, follow video/blog channels, find a mentor, READ and simply do not copy paste every code you see. Copy, break apart and learn what the code is doing, then paste, improve, and don’t forget to ask questions. - Take care and wish you much luck in your path. :slight_smile:

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