Good VPS in the West Coast?

Can someone suggest a good VPS provider that has servers in the West Coast of the US?

UpCloud has one in San José. Websites also run faster regardless of VPS location if you use CDN.

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Thank you, I’ll try UpCloud. It’s for a client. How complicated is it to implement CDN?
Thank you.

It is not that complicated, but there are a few steps and it is good to have some knowledge about DNS and NS (name servers). Basically you change the NS from your current DNS to Cloudflare and do some settings. After a few hours waiting all traffic are routed through Cloudflare. They have many settings that makes your site faster (caching, gzipping and so on).

Here is one description:

And Cloudflare has a forum that are monitored by Cloudflare staff if you need help.

If you follow the suggestions on you may reach the top level :slight_smile:

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OVH or Hostiger - not bad solutions.

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