Best CMS for advanced php/html/css guru


I’m looking for a CMS that has a lot of features but isn’t for kids (if you know what I mean). I’d sacrifice some ease of use for functionality/flexibility.

I’m giving a few popular ones a try.

If you’re a webdesigner and PHP programmer, you probably know what I’m looking for.



Hi CD Hein

I just find that we can do just about anytihng in Drupal. My only complaint about it is the back office that is a built difficult to build. What they give as default isn’t good enough for us and we need more info.

I’m not a programmer, so unfortunately I can’t really help you there and let you know if it will actually work for what you’re trying to do. I can ask our programmer if you’d like.

Good luck

If you are going to customise (write you own modules) a CMS system, one of the most important things are 1) clean, consistent code; 2) good documentation;

IMHO Druapl is one of the best documented (API) / written PHP CMS out there.

Thanks for the response

Are you saying Drupal is good for writing extensions?

Yes, it is good for writing extensions. And you can read how to do it at or get comprehensive API reference at

In two very short words, Drupal ROCKS.

We use Drupal at Sparkeo and it has allowed us to do SO much. We have a very complicated site, but it is great. Since it’s open-source, it has a really large community of programmers who help each other out. We have had several times that we were stuck with a bug or something that we couldn’t build correctly, and the guys on the Drupal forums helped us very quickly.

I know that help doesn’t technically count as one of your requirements, but once you’re in deep, it is good to know that you have great support.

Also - they have modules for everything. Many features that we thought were original, we found modules for. They may not have been precisely what we wanted, but we could tweak them to fit our needs.

I have worked with Joomla before, and while it’s nice, I am really a huge Drupal fan now.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

TalTalk, can I ask you why you prefer Drupal over Joomla?

I’m not a programmer, but I’ve used a few CMS’s in my time. I’ve currently been using CMS Made Simple for quite a few sites. However, I have a potential client who would need something more.

She’ll basically be needing a social networking sort of set up for a “Biggest Loser” type program she’s been running in our city and is ready to go bigger with. Registration fees online (via PayPal), teams of four to be connected online to encourage one another, possibly personal “blogs” or updates that others can read, ad banner sales, news and updates, that kind of thing.

I was looking at WordPress/BuddyPress and at Joomla! with the Community Builder or something similar. At first, the thing would be getting the basic site functional but making sure it can grow into what she needs as she grows. For me, that means I need something I can template, essentially, and something that will basically work well “out of the box” for the multi-blogging aspect.

So it would be great to have your opinion on Drupal, if you think it would be better for this sort of application, if the learning curve with it would be faster or slower than Joomla, that kind of thing. :smiley:

I have noticed that everyone that started in Joomla ends up using Drupal. However, the reverse is almost never true.

Luckily I went straight from Wordpress to Drupal while missing some of the frustration that many have had with Joomla.

@ Jedi007 - put Expressionengine in your list, the new version 2.0 is based on the Codeigniter framework if you want to write your own modules, extensionss and plugins.