Good day or bad day

hello site point user how’s ur today??

Hi ana, it’s a good day for me! I play on Dubli, maybe I go later to the beach, but mostly I try only to be relaxed! And you?

well my day today is not too good but not bad ^__^.
maybe ill relax a bit when i get home from work…

Bad day so far - had to go out and buy my 2 children new shoes for school which starts next week. Not just one pair - shoes, trainers and football boots each… I need to lie down now.

Incredibly good so far…i haven’t got a good news for the last 4 weeks. And today, I just got one :smiley:

Good day, its Friday here, how could it not be good?!!

Friday’s always the best day! so this would be a good day:)

Goo Day for me!
Friday Madness! :slight_smile:

same here having a good day… =)
weekend is approaching…
enjoy the weekend everybody!

Good day, Im on holiday!

well, days are almost the same for me… its more like a routine or something… wish there would be something or something to make it even just a little bit more worth waking up for… guess that will make my day great.

Not so good…I need a credit so hard !! :frowning:

My day only changes when it’s weekend…weekday’s just a bore, nothing special yet has happened.

I hate weekends, with a passion. Although I never really have a good day, someone said to me once that will change but I wonder.

Someone like a soothsayer ?

Bad day!

Just came in the office late…

well, my day was quite good… Hope it would be the same tomorrow.

hi and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

It’s Friday night !It was a wonderful day today !

it’s fridayyyyyyyyy!! and raining… a really good night to sleep!