Ok or not ok?

hows your day today?

I have a super-duper day! wake up early, got the kid to school, went snowboarding, drove snowmobile, was invited to dinner by a local company, got a business proposal, which i had to accept because of the PR value it gives our village… made dinner, ate a lot of snacks… ate more snacks… is now making pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries :smiley:

life is good :slight_smile:

I had a very busy day. I learnt few things and it was overall a nice day…

I’ve had a migraine all day so been totally unproductive :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: Ouch I know what that’s like

Today like the last few days have been odd one minute it’s busy then silence very unnerving. [sigh] It’s proposal time they get like this very time it’s proposal time. But all in all not a bad day.



Okay. :slight_smile:

I am pressing to get my site finished. So much more stuff than I anticipated, like a yeast dough that keeps expanding. Man :smiley:

I am ok but really busy.

Damn! I wish I had days like that! Talk about living life! :smiley:

Today was OK - As a closed question. But as an open question (even though it isn’t) my day was pretty damn good! Had a very productive day at college, had some really good discussions with my tutors, had a productive and creative day overall working on a design for a football team and so far so good! There’s 15 minutes left of Wednesday 24th March and I hope to make the most of it to make it even more productive! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for asking too :smiley: What about your day ana12? Ok or not Ok?

Andrew Cooper

Not bad. No alien or paranormal possessions… no split bones… no virulent microorganisms raging through my flesh… no salespeople called… if only I had some pancakes it would be perfect…

[FONT=“Georgia”]That yeast dough effect is so true!

It’s made worse when you’re a perfectionist too.


Yea, it sure is. Today I punched down the dough though, let’s see if that will speed it up.

Perfectionism has always done this to me…

im hungry…!!!