Good but smallish examples of OOP PHP programming?

I am looking for small apps or websites (especially with some light form processing) that demonstrate good OOP principles. I am not looking for a large framework like CodeIgniter or Symphony or any sort of largish CMS. I am hoping for a smallish, easy to understand project for a TOTAL OOP beginner, so I can clearly see PHP OOP and begin to organize my files and website structure appropriately for OOP programming.

Any suggestions appreciated.

See the following thread which has a lot of useful information in it

Thanks for the reply. I read through the thread, but I already own several PHP OOP books. Although OOP isn’t my forte yet, I’m actually concerned more with structuring a site with oop than learning about how to do oop. All of the books I have use pretty terrible examples for real world use, and I am pretty sure they don’t represent current best practices since now php has namespaces and traits. I’m trying to bridge the gap between my books and making a real app.

See if this helps:

You don’t need to use Symfony to benefit from this article.

I know you have OOP books, which is great, but a good stepping stone especially with very small examples typical of what you asking for is PHP|Architects Guide to Design Patterns by Jason Sweat .

This is a relatively slim and cheap book which will give you a step up the OOP ladder, and you are guaranteed to find chapters to which you can relate and he largely assumes you have grokked php oop syntax and have gotten your head round several patterns.

For the right person and the right time, this book is just the job.

check where you get every thing with examples

Just wanted to say that these were some excellent suggestions. The article was very helpful and I am working through the book now. Thanks.

Hi Torite,

You may also want to look at the (a Sister site of SitePoint) they have a main menu that organizes blog post tutorials into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. There is some very nice code written by Alejandro Gervasio and he generally does a great job at describing the problem and illustrating how to cover the problem using OOP techniques. There are also a number of other good articles there.

If you read some of these and they don’t make total sense then come back here and pose questions and the OOP people in this forum will be glad to help!