Real Live PHP OOP Tutorials?

I understand PHP OOP fairly well, however I am looking for tutorials that use PHP OOP in creating real world applications so that I can follow the good practices and further learn how to use OOP. Can you recommend a website that possibly has these types of tutorials? I have googled it of course, however I cannot find anything of sorts that is not overly complicated for me to understand like tutorialized has for example. Thanks in advance!

Perhaps maybe a book that has a lot of useful real world examples of PHP OOP?

Hi Procode,

Although 'php|architect’s Guide to PHP Design Patterns by ex-sitepointer Jason E. Sweat, it has a number of near-real world examples; easily transferable to the real world.

Also look at the source code of the Symphony 2 framework… lots of real-life there. The Swift Mailer library is quite well designed too, It would be worth looking through this libraries code.

Hope this helps,