Is anyone working on a PHP OOP book from beginner to advanced?

I havent seen one good php oop book most of them just look like someone dumped their entire codebase into it and not explain anything. I was wondering if sitepoint has any plans on releasing a php oop book.

here is a list of things im looking for and im sure allot are requesting as well.

  • oop beginner to advanced
    (such as:)
    – abstract classes why use them and their benefit
    – interfaces why use them and how
    – magic methods
    – summary of each popular design patterns
    – maybe something on memcached
    – how to use the SPL library and their purposes
    – not allowing a class or method from being extended

  • build a mvc framework from scratch

  • code refactoring

  • writing code efficiently with server resources in mind and security

Many points in your list can be found in other OOP books, because it’s not PHP specific things.

Here are a couple of really good books you should read (not affiliate links):

PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice (updated for PHP 5.3):

PHP in Action:

Code Complete 2nd Edition: