GoDaddy Auction Problem

I won a .com domain name in a GoDaddy
Auction on 21st Jan this year.

I have bought many domains using GoDaddy
auctions and so have some experience
using them.

However this time something happened
which was most unusual. I checked if this domain
was transferred to account last week
BUT it wasn’t.

I contacted GoDaddy on 11th Feb
and they advised me to download
a form page called ‘Contacting the Domain Name Seller’
which I found strange as I have never ever needed to
contact a domain name seller. GoDaddy is the
broker so why should I contact a seller in this instance.
My contract is with GODaddy not the seller.

I paid GoDaddy £82 inc taxes for the auction which
I won.

So I contacted the seller using the Godaddy’s
page link and requested the transfer of this domain
to my go daddy account. I did this 4 times with no

I called GoDaddy again last week and received
an email reply saying that I should have filed a
dispute within 15 days of winning the auction.
There’s nothing they can do as they released the funds
back to the original domain owner!

I wasn’t advised about this 15 day dispute as I have
never needed to contact a seller before to release and
transfer a domain name. It’s ironic that the domain I won
is also registered with GoDaddy. Why couldn’t they just transfer the name to me?
I don’t understand this. I appear to be a victim of some negligent action
by GoDaddy. I don’t trust them anymore.

This debacle cost me £82 which I have now lost and no Domain name to show for
it. Can anyone advise my best course of action?

Any advice would be most welcome.


Have you talked to their customer support or tell them to refund money? you can file complaint against them as well!

Yes I proposed to file a complaint to ICANN re: GD. One last chance I called them again and spoke with a sympathetic agent who was going to take this up to senior level.

I received an email a few days later stating that the domain name in question has now been transferred to my account. Luckily for me the domain was registered with GD by the previous owner so it could be transferred to my account. It was an important medical domain and obviously had some worth. I was pleased with the outcome.

The original owner was a Swiss company but blatently refused to transfer the name I had won fair and square in auction. They were reluctant to let it go because they failed to renew in time.

I have heard of some horror stories regarding lost domains etc. This makes one think about transferring your premium domains to one of the top quality registrars irrespective of cost.



i have olso…

This is why I won’t be using GoDaddy!

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