Give me some suggestion for dropshipping wedding dress!

recently i want to dropshipp wedding dress from china, the wholesaler told me it`s the best time for dropshipping wedding dress as the electronics in the past years. and i search in google, yes, wedding dress look like good deal, what do you think of it? pls give me some suggestions, thx very much:blush:

I can’t see this being a good field to go into direct to consumer for a new brand… wedding dresses tend to come at a high price point and really need to be ‘perfect’ to be purchased. If you’re selling something established you may have a market as women could try them on in store and then buy online, or a killer price point.

Of course there are ways to adjust like free return shipping, trial period, really good videos/ content, but it will be more difficult and involve a greater hit to your margin.

Also a warning, I have purchased some some clothes directly from China for personal use and their sizing is all over the place. I now wear anything from a XXXL to a M and some of the dresses ended up being tops because they were so short. Just a warning that this could end up being quite a headache for you.

OH MY! Please tell me you are not considering drop shipping a high-importance item like a wedding dress from China!?

First of all, any bride will probably want to see her dress and try it on… Maybe a very cash-conscious bride would consider ordering from your China direct wedding shop but I really don’t think this is a safe business model at all. Are you going to sell exclusively online? Are you going to sell in a catalog?

Look at the other feedback here – do not dropship wedding dresses!