Can I get some feedback + marketing advice for my site

Hi All,

I have an alternative fashion site, Currently, my products are drop-shipped - a popular model that is used by many of the big boys in the industry.

I am still very new to e-commerce, the site is roughly a year old, but I have tweaked the site many times. I want to make this work and go full-time, but what you recommend I do site-wise to improve it?
Also, if you were me, what would you recommend a fashion e-commerce store do to promote and market itself? Use social media outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram Stories?

Many thanks!

I like that you have articles. You should add way more articles and related content.

Real companies have an address and tele # .

Did you build your websites off a template like SqaureSpace?

First of all Target the people who have very good follower if you are taking about #Intagram
And Ask them to follow you or do the advertisement of your site or of your product …!

WOW. Your online store is so cool. It looks really great. Keep wprking on your brand. You made a really great design.


Hope you are fine and doing great. There is nothing wrong with your site. Being developer… I would suggest you to change design and color combinations. It should be more attractive.


As the OP has never returned to the forums since posting this, there seems little point in continuing the discussion.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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