Holding stock, e-commerce


The title of this thread is pretty useless. So hopefully the following will make sense.
I’m thinking about starting up an online store and i’m wondering would I need to hold stock?
Id like to emulate how previous employer worked. They held no stock at all, the orders were passed onto various suppliers who them mailed the the purchases.
Are situations like this commonplace or were they lucky to have suppliers willing to do the posting?

I’m from the UK, does anyone know of any supplier/wholesale directory websites I could have a look through?


It’s called drop shipping. I’ve dabbled at it a little (as far as one sale) but not enough to give you much info. There are directories of dropshippers, or you can approach suppliers yourself and try to make a deal. You should find more info if you Google it.

I have done a ton of dropship ecommerce over the years. Definately profitable and relatively easy IF you have the right products.

As you Google around, you will find some “wholesale dropship programs”. Then you will find alot of sites offering the same products. These are over-saturated channels.

As Saul mentioned, you can approach suppliers or manufacturers directly. I found that to be the most lucritave and profitable. Search out the niche items and go direct to the manufacturer.

What does a computer/internet geek know about doll house kits? Enough to make a decent profit! When a handfull of Ebay sellers had the same product at the same price and the manufacturer imposed minimum sell prices, I just offered free shipping for the exact same product - effectively lowering the total cost to the consumer. Handling some emails and payment processing bumped my income to the tune of $xx,xxx monthly during the peak seasons for certain products.