How to find best paying writing job?

can somebody help me how to find people/links who pay best for content writing?
is there any specific criteria which a writer should keep in mind?
i have ability to write on any topics with fresh ideas, plz suggest me where i should put my expertise for best response?

thats cool…may be I will try once :slight_smile:

Firstly, if you want to write content you need to be able to write properly. Trying not to sound rude here but if what you posted above is anything to go by you aren’t going to make it amongst the higher paying tiers (especially as many of those have years of experience and the ability to write properly). You claim you can write on any topics with fresh ideas… this makes me suspicious because no-one knows everything, and to make a claim which sounds like you are an expert at anything will put people off. My advice would be to either offer your services as a freelancer or find a magazine, e-zine or established blog that will pay you to write. :slight_smile:

Writing online for people is a thriving business. There are tons of people out there that could use your help writing articles im sure you wont have too much trouble finding one! This article might help you find some tho��-the-best-place-to-find-legit-work-online-jobs/ It will help you find people who need your service faster than any other way.

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Im also looking for the information . Thanks for share …

+1. People are looking for writers that have excellent skills. If how you wrote in your post is any indication, you have very poor grammar and writing skills. I suggest working to strengthen your skills before looking for writing jobs. It will literally pay off in the end. :slight_smile: I also suggest you find a niche or two and concentrate on writing in only those areas. Like Alex said, no one knows everything. The very best way to start out is with a blog. It is a way to strengthen your skills and build a body of work for potential clients to look at. I say this as someone who makes their living as a freelance writer. I started out with just a small blog and now I get paid to blog and to write for several different websites. Good luck!

You can write here

They offer upto $150 per post

You can try Constant-Content if you have perfect English.
They wont accept even a missing comma, so be really careful.

thanks for this info, very useful and informative.

good one.

Going through Alex and Berry advise it seems both have good experience and exposure to content writing arena. Simply writing blog might not help to strengthed weak areas.My personal views is to get it reviewed by someone who can give worthy feedback and at the same time provide valuable inputs to improve on. Well Alex and Berry can you please help us understand how you phrase out the thought process on to paper/article. What exactly you try to write in a way that attract audience.

May be rich content sometimes doesn’t work.

High quality content will work (as long as there is an audience), the problems only occur when people either write so poorly it’s impossible to read at ease (probably 90% of everything out there including all the trash spewed out to try and hook Google’s attention), it’s too complex or technical (5% of the remainder) or it’s just plain inaccurate (talking about stuff you don’t know or giving misleading info - the other 5%). Those aren’t actual statistics but it’s a pretty fair evaluation of the reasons most writing fails IMO. You don’t need a plan when you write, just have something to talk about, put it across in a way people can relate to and make sure your not just pumping out trash. It’s the same as if you were talking, you wouldn’t expect someone who could barely speak, lies through their teeth or talks over your head to hold a decent conversation. More people should read their content to an actual person, it would soon weed out the illegible fluff :slight_smile:

I guess first you should show people some example of oyur content writing.Then you can bid on site like where people bid for content and article writing and get the project.

Do you have experience? My first recommendation is to build a portfolio. Once you have that together you can go to all sorts of forums online and see if anyone wants quality writing. You can also look up nearby business that may need a blogger or a magazine writer if you got talent. There’s all sorts of underground magazines dealing with broad ranges of topics.


that so looks like the kinda spam we delete from our blog on an almost daily basis. Its unfortunate that so many website owners use writers of this caliber and (in)ability, to leave spammy comments, hoping for a valuable backlink…

Get a command of the language you intend writing in, and then use :google: to search for freelance writing. It’d probably be less embarasssing…

Try to visit this site : prospectsolution apply there as freelance writer.

i think you will find tons of freelance writing jobs in

good luck to you!

Once I started doing SEO writing (Fall 2007), I haven’t looked back. It’s 75-85% of the type of work I do now. And it pays extremely well compared to the other types of writing I had been doing. Note: I never got into magazine writing, which can be a lucrative niche. I never developed the patience for querying and waiting, so I always stuck to business writing for small to medium-sized businesses.

I know Odesk and getafreelancer. Getafreelancer is full of buyers who are out to under-pay and shaft writers. The general standard of buyer and service provider there is pretty shoddy by any standards. The Odesk way, I refer to the aptitude tests etc, is great, inasmuch the service provider is able to test their aptitudes and abilities, and the buyer is able to assess the quality of the service provider as well.

Bottom line, imho, forget GAF, and make the effort to get your Odesk profile sorted out.

As you get going as a freelancer, I’d recommend bidding low on some projects just to get noticed. Sometimes its difficult to get your name noticed on and the like so you have to show a discernible advantage and lowering your price is a good way to get attention immediately.