Getting back into design, where do I start?


I’m thinking of getting back into design. I used to do some small-scale development from about 1999-2005. I was well versed in Photoshop, used GoLive, DreamWeaver but mostly handcoded in HomeSite. Most dynamic sites I built were based on simple PHP scripts with MySQL databases, but I did work with some ASP/Access databases also.

Anyway, where would a good place to start be. I’d be obviously extremely rusty but am interested in reviewing some of the basics (as/if they apply to today’s world) and jumping into the new online/wireless communities of 2011 that didn’t exist to any extent (or at all) when I left the business.

Any suggestions where/how to get started??


Hi dmac86. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

If you are going to do front end stuff (HTML, CSS etc) I recommend that you first get up to speed with CSS, as it is well supported in browsers today, and obviates the need for table layouts.

Ahh, HomeSite. The only program of its kind I truly liked.

Ralph’s advice is very valid. And welcome back!

Thanks for the input! Very much appreciated!!