GetSimple? Not to me!

Does anyone know about the GetSimple CMS?
Does anyone know of a good online tutorial as the one on the GetSimple site is slightly vague!

Further details regarding my problem above.
Ive put the GetSimple folder in the public directory on my server but when I change details in the Admin control panel the changes arent reflected on the actual website.
Ive put all the files into GetSimple via the Admin control panel but when I view the GetSimple folder in the server, the files arent there.
A few questions:
Do I have to change the name of the GetSimple folder?
Do I have to put the site files in the GetSimple folder via the server?
Is GetSimple only to be used when you are building a whole new site?
Can someone please tell me where Im going wrong?
Thanks, Alan.

Hey Alan,
How’s it going…

It might take a white to get any help on this topic because the CMS you’re using doesn’t have enough traction to get a timely response here (I don’t think).

Most of the people who respond in this section are familiar with Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal and Joomla. Have you tried the GetSimple forum?

awasson, I posted a similar question in the GetSimple forum : 51 views, 1 person got back to me and he did give some useful advice.
Ill soldier on, Im sure Ill get there.

Glad to hear you got a response.

Good luck with your project!


Hey Alan,

How are you doing with your GetSimple installation? Any progress?

When reading your first post, I instantly thought about a problem with file permissions. Both the /data and the /backups folders will need to be writable (777) for the CMS to work properly.

As for your upload issues, I would always advice you to upload using FTP instead of any web-based upload panels.

If you need some more assistance, please feel free to send me an email at mjnaus [at] gmail [dot] com



Thanks for the interest Mjnaus.
Im still trawling!!!
To be honest all these different CMS’s are slowly driving me insane!!!
Ive just been advised to use wordpress.
Ill probably take you up on the offer of advice when I get stuck!!

I think you’ll probably save your sanity if you choose one well supported CMS (Drupal, Expression Engine, Joomla, Wordpress), learn it and then keep your eyes open to other possibilities. I’ve learned one really well and experimented with several others and as a result I have a better idea of what I look for when assessing new ones.

Although it isn’t my first choice, WordPress is a really good platform to start with. The administration area is quite good and the set up is pretty simple too. You’ll also find a large community of WP users around.

Good luck!