Upgrading WP -- ONLY locally

I’m just getting started with WP… installed it in my machine and everything is working fine, connects db ok and everything…

however, just a few hours after I had installed I went to the Dashboard and already there was an upgrade available… yikes… I clicked on “upgrade” and it asked me for the FTP creds… but I don’t have a domain name yet or anything, I’m just working on a dummy site, it’s just an exercise for now, so I’m only working locally… can’t you just download the upgrade, upgrade on your machine, then just push everything to the server via FTP? (I assume when I’m ready to push I just push everything, right? I don’t have to “install” anything on the remote server… I hope…???)

since I had just gotten started I downloaded the latest and started over… it was no biggie… but I didn’t like it too much that to upgrade it wanted my FTP info…

would appreciate comments/opinions about this…

thank you…

Hi @maya90, I think I must be a really good ‘Googler’ and found the answer to your problem straight away. Please check the following thread: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/57166/ftp-credentials-on-localhost
I hope it helps you sort out your problem.


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hola Andrés… :~))

thank you for your response…

so according to this if I add


to wp-config.php

it shouldn’t ask me for my FTP creds when I’m attempting to upgrade? I guess I’ll find out next time I need to upgrade…:wink:

thank you very much…

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You can update the WordPress files manually. Make sure you backup all your files, then delete everything EXCEPT the wp-content folder and the config.php file (very important to leave these two things alone). Then download the new version of WordPress to your computer, and copy the wp-admin and wp-includes folders as well as all the individual files not in folders over to your local website folder.

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thank you very much… intuitively, initially, I had expected it to work something like what you describe… so thank you, for reassuring me that it can be done like this, the “old-fashioned” way…

PS: so the wp-config.php file is not changed with the upgrades???

(I guess I can always compare the old and the new if in doubt…;~)

thanks again…

If you replace the wp-config.php file you lisr your info for your database connection. That’s why there is no wp-config.php file in the WordPress core - it is wp-config-sample.php and when you set ulp the site you need to rename it to wp-config.php so you don’t overwrite the file when you update the core files.

If you want to upgrade with out giving any details you can out these code
" define(‘FS_METHOD’,‘direct’); " on wp-config.php
OR ypu can use another way is
Enable WordPress automatic update

Enable all core updates, including minor and major:

define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, true );

put that code in wp-config.php file

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