Difficulty after uploading to server

after completing my site and importing it all to a live serving i’m having alot of difficulty.

First of all I can’t edit most pages and there is a suggestion about making it writable. I’m reading about changing chmod but I don’t understand where to put this command and how to know what numbers to use ie 777.

I need to make all my wordpress files writabe including the .haccess file so my links work

need some desperate help
many thanks

I only know how to do this via a FTP program, you basically google your ftp program and "how to change file permissions. So for example I have filezilla so I would google “filezilla how to change permissions.” I got this when I posted into google.
Changing File Permissions Using Filezilla

not sure how to do it through my host. But I guess I could google that too. Lunarpages how to change file permissions. It sounds hard but it’s really easy.

You just select the files you want to change chmod/permissions. Also wordpress has some useful information.

right I changed file permissions according to wordpress help and now I can’t access anything, not even the admon or web page - someone please help

are you using a standalone ftp program such as filezilla or cPanel (or something similar)?

yes, I’m using filezilla. Yesterday I right clicked on httpdocs and input 766, that is when everything went off ie when you try to access the site via url or wp-admin it gives an database error.

I then switched the file permissions back to 755 to restore it so I can access it al least but I still can’t edit the files and the permalinks don’t work, can’t access some images and some css doesn’t seem to be working. A note about needing write permissions is showing in wordpress dashboard.

Hope you can help