General WordPress customization

I’ve been heavily customizing Bootstrap sites using a text editor. Yes I know it’s not a CMS unless I add some PHP and mysql.

So… I have the 2014 WordPress theme. If I want to simply add a slider gallery to the page, I’m not seeing where it would be. Do I have to get it from a different library? Shouldn’t it be an option?

Also, at what point does customizing the layout of a theme become not worth it, causing one to search for a more appropriate theme.

Please help me to like WordPress. PS. I know about child themes. Thank you.

There are quite a few plugins to choose from that you would probably find suitable. Just search for slider gallery in the plugins section:

Quite often they are included in a page by adding some shortcode in the textarea of the edit page screen. Once you chosen a plugin, read the installation instructions.

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