Plug ins

I’ve decided I want to add a gallery scroller to the bottom of my website to show off websites so installed one called “font slider” and activated it. I’ve looked for tutorials about how to add this but I can’t find anything

I’ve not worked with plug ins yet so a point in the directions of some good tutorials would be appreciated or a hint on what I need to do. I need to add it at the bottom of my site just above the footer.

Many thanks

There’s no generic answer to this. How you integrate that plugin into your theme depends entirely on that plugin. If you can’t make sense of its documentation, and can’t read and understand its code, then choose a different plugin.

thanks guru. So I’m guessing you mean I use the code it comes with and add it to the css manually

I have no idea, because it depends on the plugin. When I searched for “font slider”, what I found was something that wouldn’t be at all useful for scrolling through a gallery. It was a widget for increasing or decreasing font sizes.

sorry it should have been front slider

Did you read and follow that plugin’s installation instructions? It asks for a bit more than simply activating the plugin.

WordPress › Front Slider « WordPress Plugins

hey great, I looked and missed that, I was looking on a differint site. I’ll give it all a go

thanks for the pointer, got it working

when it says add this tag [xtreme-zoom-menu] what does it mean, as when I add it only that text shows in the design. Do I need to put it in some additional php code or something?

That looks like a shortcode, which you’d put in the body of a post or page, not in a template file.

to be honest i’ve only edited from the files so far because I find the post and pagees confuse me. So how would I translate a short code into normal code?

There’s no generic answer to that. Unless the plugin provides a function to use in your theme, you would have to read the plugin’s code and reverse engineer the shortcode parser to do the same thing yourself in your theme.