[gallery] troubles, some pics not showing

on this page (http://www.cherrydesignpartners.com/gallery/) we’re using the [gallery] shortcode as you can see here: http://prntscr.com/yr17v

how come the gallery is not showing all the pics in our media collection? you’ll notice that the first few pics of that media collection see here (http://prntscr.com/yr1es) are not appearing on the Gallery page.

any idea what’s wrong? please advise. thanks in advance!

i don’t know which problem you have… because here i can see all the Pictures in the Slider… maybe you should delete your system or Browser Cache…

i tried that but still not seeing the pics. you’re telling you see the of the kittens from the media files in the gallery on this page? http://www.cherrydesignpartners.com/gallery/


yes i see all of them… the slider work with Mouse-Over… Right!? so all the Images Work on the slider from right to left!!!

i only see 25 images in the slider but there’s 28 in our image media uploader area.

28 images show for me. What browser are you using?