Linking to files and pics problem

I am having a weird problem that I am trying to wrap my head around. I feel like it’s a simple thing and I am hoping so.

I have installed wp about 5 different times on different sites, today I installed it for a client and weird things are happening. I had to change permissions to 777 for it to allow me to use the trash, to upload pics etc… Now I am trying to get thumbnails to show up after using posting them as posts and adding a custom field and calling it itempromo, in the itempromo field I have a link to the image, in the value box, for example “camera1.jpg” no quotes.

all the other sites I have used this on I created a folder called “thumbnails” and put the camera1.jpg inside the thumbnails folder and put the thumbnails folder the same directory that holds the wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes folders. This last problem install, I looked at the source code and it seems to be putting them inside a books/thumbnails folder, books is the category. I tried to create this by putting the images in the location it’s looking in and I am getting an error.

Any solutions. I hope this makes sense. Why would this happen with this host and not any others?

Thank you.

Sorry, I can’t post the page, I wish I could, the client freaks out if the search engines pick it up while it’s in test mode. But, what happened was when I changed the permalink to %postname% format. all heck broke loose and I couldn’t link to anything. As soon as I deleted that, all was fine. Eventually, I will need to go back to that format and will have to hope for the best. I think you are right, there was a simple error in the code.
you know I will PM you the link if you want.

Sorry I forgot I posted this, I could have posted my other topic in here.

Can I see a sample of the page you were referring? Sometimes it might of been a simple error in the code but glad you got it fixed. Yeah permalink has to be setup properly in order for it to work,

nevermind, I fixed it. It was a permalink problem. delete this if you wish.