FTP Hosting recommendations

I did a search and didn’t see any thread for people’s recommended FTP hosting sites.

I know there are some hosts that offer “unlimited” ftp storage and bandwidth, but I prefer hosts with good service that set fair limits (which in my experience usually leads to better balanced FTP servers).

I’ve looked at Publish247.com and have used [url=http://www.onlineinstitute.com/ftp-hosting.html]OLI FTP Hosting (from Online Institute) which offers Web-FTP access as well as with regular and secure FTP and focuses more on hosting ftp user folders.

Anyone know other good ftp hosting companies out there?

Whats your main purpose to store your files, i think all leading hosting like hostgator, hostmonster do oofer unlimited space and Bandwidth. They are reputed player too

I guess the main purpose with FTP hosting, beyond file storage, is usually the ability to create private logins for clients who can upload files to password-protected folders, and as admin be able to navigate and upload/download files from those client folders. Some ftp hosts also have upload notification, file drop boxes and other ftp-related features.

I think you are safe with most reputable hosting companies. They will have all the FTP features you need. How often are you uploading/downloading via FTP? Is a CMS out of the question?

Wordpress can be used for membership type sites, but I am obviously not aware of what you are doing with your website.

Almost any host will have FTP access for you. The situation here is that you are looking for just storage. Why not just go with a file host like RapidShare or Megaupload in which you get FTP access and get to manage your files?

It is a cheaper solution. Better yet, Amazon is allowing 5GB of storage on their cloud for FREE.

Have you thought about Cloud solutions like dropbox or sugarsync instead of FTP?

Thanks for the comments, basic FTP hosting with private logins and a web-based FTP interface seems to be accessible (and more familiar) to most clients.