From developer to a DBA job

How does one person make the transition from being a web developer to a specialized database admin? I’m not necessarily trying to replace web development as my only career path but for now I would like to expand my options. I’ve been in the development game for around 5 years, so I’m entry-to-mid level on my skills.

I mainly know MySQL and a little bit of Access (though mostly using the design view) but that’s about it. For an entry level DBA, what is required? Are certifications a must? I still don’t know all the more advanced syntax of MySQL and am open to learning other systems such as Oracle, MS SQL etc. In my current job I can’t really apply my own queries as I can only use stored procedures already prepared by the DBA people. So there’s no means to get hands on with that.

Database administration involves having good design skills, database normalization, writing complex queries while keeping performance in mind, index creation, and so forth…

Certifications are a good start. The best way is probably just to take what you know and get an entry level / junior dba position so you can learn more about database administration