Advice Needed - Database Career!

Hi all,

I did my Masters in CS in 2010 February. I was more than good at databases. I took Oracle Developer, PL/SQL and SQL course, and Database Development course in the university.

For a year or so after completing my studies I searched for job but got nothing. Then I switched my career to Graphic Designing and started doing freelance graphic designing.

Now I really want to consider a career change because I cant go any further with graphic designing - the market is extremely saturated and you cant find work anymore.

Please help me decide that after more than three years of being away from CS and databases is there still a chance for me to peruse my career in database? Can I get internship or should I enroll in DB certifications or something?

Thank you in advance!

I think that you mentioned something like that in another thread… at least, this sounds familiar to me… I’ve read it before and recently.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t go back to databases and earn good money if that’s what you want. The problem would be if you shifted your career for the wrong reasons.

It is not a matter of being good at something, and money, it is a matter of doing something that you really like and, if possible, what you really love.

Do not misunderstand me. Money is important and you should also take into account when you make your decision. Also being good at something is also important because it gives you confidence in your own abilities and therefore you will sell your skills better.

But no matter how good you are, if you hate the job then your life will be really sad.

The IT world is saturated wherever you look at it: graphic design, web development, programming… Nowadays anyone can contract a programmer or a database analyst for pennies… so the difference to make the huge bucks will be 1) your expertise and knowledge 2) your communication skills 3) how realistic you are in terms of your own value as a professional

If any of these three point fails, then you’ll probably end up being disappointed because you will not be able to earn enough to live (at least, decently)

Database management is never dying field, has striking opportunities in every aspects. Get enrolled for some certifications and acquire all the cutting edge database skills. Last but not least, get your executive cv written by experts to bring out the best in you. Experts know how to design cv with logos and impressive writing to make it top drawer.

You can still go into database field but I can believe you’ll have hard time getting in since there are tons of people with 10+ years of experience. Throughout multiple projects, I still haven’t run into one decent db admin who contributes the project. Now, I see many projects w/o db admin and let the developers manage it instead. Since you have CS, perhaps you should focus more on programming fields like Java/.Net. If you have Java certs + db certs, I think you’ll found a job immediately.